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We are a group of professionals in education oriented in different educational areas, who for more than 10 years have been committed to improving the quality of early childhood education.

Our interdisciplinary team is made up of pedagogues, educational psychologists, teachers and computer scientists.

Our eagerness to improve the quality of what we do has allowed us to be one of the first nursery schools in the Valencian Community to obtain the Quality Certification (Certificación de Calidad) according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, no. 565/2006.

Our educational project

The Lápices method stands out for the need to adapt teaching to the environment of each individual.

We believe that the stage from 0 to 6 years old is of vital importance for the human being, as it is the one that will finally accompany the human being until adulthood.

“We do exactly as we say”.


Through a cyclical method that includes experimentation, multiple intelligences and early and constant stimulation, our pedagogues, psycho-pedagogues and teachers help everyday to create a childhood in the child that will prevent possible problems in the future.

Nowadays, we have incorporated the use of English as a basic skill in the children, which will help them in their linguistic competence.


Education without proper nutrition becomes a failure.

It is a basic pillar that favors children’s learning. A nutritional programme and healthy habits subject to strict health control. With a concept of home cooking based on the preparation of dishes with seasonal products purchased at the food markets.

  • Nutrition
  • Mental development
  • Academic results


The sports programmes for learning to swim from 4 months to six months and the educational project of Lápices come together as a whole. A fusion that gives rise to educational swimming.

Children reinforce what they have learnt in an aquatic classroom. A space designed to stimulate them from the moment they enter until they leave. In an active way, the monitors review the contents previously learnt. The children participate in their learning as never before.