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We contribute to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of our kids in a comprehensive and harmonious way.

We strongly believe that the best way to achieve this integral development is through a methodology based on the work of multiple intelligences and, above all, emotional intelligence, which helps children to become aware of their emotions in order to improve their social skills. And educational swimming, which allows the child to develop skills that are only possible in the water.

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Our commitment: Gotas para Niger

At Lápices Schools, we have a commitment with childhood, to the children who pass through our centers and to those who do not. And that is why we have become allies of UNICEF, participating and dedicating ourselves to children. We have joined their marathon year by year to get kids an opportunity to get water. Know more about this project in UNICEF. 

English Academy School

Why wait for your children to learn English? At Neokids English Club we have the perfect solution for your little ones to master the language in a natural and fun way - sign up now and give them the gift of a multilingual future!

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