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Educational swimming

Students acquire knowledge in two types of classrooms, land and water.

Lápices has developed a new methodology, created by our team of educators and pedagogues, based on educational swimming. The didactic units are reinforced in an environment where the child’s level of concentration and attention is higher.

With the help of the team of educators, pedagogues and the Neokids team, they develop part of their learning in the water and always through games.

Why do we trust in swimming as an integral learning method?

Through Lápices methodology, children acquire skills that are unimaginable out of the water which allows them to gain self-esteem, confidence and security. In addition, by the time children finish the first cycle of infant education, at the age of 3, they have learned to float. If they finish the second cycle at Lápices, at the age of 6, they leave our schools and already know how to swim.

The aquatic activity takes place in the Neokids facilities. The Neokids swimming pool, next to our school in General Avilés, is the most modern and advanced aquatic space in Valencia. The only aquatic-educational space in Valencia.

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