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Our Services

At Lápices Nursery Schools, we are committed to a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the classroom. For this reason, our services, which support our educational project, are designed to enrich each student’s learning by creating a stimulating and supportive environment.

English services

English in the classroom

Our schools, aware of a globalized world, offer English classes with a natural, immersive approach based on hearing education with active teaching through play, sensory, music, and other creative resources to make learning more effective and meaningful. Our students not only learn English, but also acquire important social and emotional skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Swimming lessons service

Swimming lessons

We promote a holistic approach to physical development by offering swimming lessons. While swimming skills are not only an essential ability, they support the didactic units that are taught in the classroom in an environment where the child’s concentration level and attention span is higher.

Swimming lessons service
Psychology service

Psycho-pedagogical Department

In collaboration with the Department of Educational Development, we have a Psychopedagogical Office dedicated to the attention and care of children. 

Its activity is oriented both to provide solutions to the educational needs that arise, especially in the early childhood education stage (0-6 years) so as to address the most common psycho-pedagogical and behavioral problems within family and school life.

canteen service

Canteen service

In Lápices Schools, we value the relevance of a balanced and delicious diet. That is why we trust our daily food with solid bases in a Mediterranean diet adapted for children from 0 to 6 years old, since it respects all the ideals for the correct nutrition of our little ones.

canteen service

These services we offer complement our educational project. Have you not heard about it yet?